The Associated Press Accidentally Tweeted that Ariana Grande Is Pregnant

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Sometimes people make mistakes. Often they are small and inconsequential, like putting skim in your java when you meant to go HAM on the half and half. Other times, they are slightly bigger, like incorrectly tweeting that Ariana Grande is pregnant from the account of a news organization when in fact, she is not. Yikes!


Earlier today, a tweet was sent from @APEntertainment, “the official account of AP’s Entertainment Department. The tweet read “Ariana Grande is pregnant, guess who’s the father? #ArianaGrande” and was deleted pretty freaking quickly. The apology that followed kind of makes the AP Entertainment twitter account sound a lot more serious than it is.

Ariana Grande is...probably not pregnant. Also, Ariana Grande probably didn’t even see this. As Us Weekly notes, she has yet to respond to the tweet and is instead posting sideways photos of herself on Instagram clinging to the neck of an unidentified and slightly disinterested dog.

Did a rogue Arianator embedded deep in the bowels of the AP’s entertainment department see an opportunity to I don’t know, steal some of Beyoncé’s pregnancy thunder? Is Ariana Grande just trying to gin up publicity for her upcoming tour and this is her way of doing it— by reaching out to the person on the inside and asking them to tweet, making sure they did so with the hashtag #ArianaGrande(LOL)!?!


Nothing. It was probably just a mistake.

[Us Weekly]

I don’t know about you, but I’m sort of excited for whatever hot mess glitter-filled theatre kid extravaganza Lady Gaga is going to give us during the Super Bowl halftime show, but according to her, there will be no “wardrobe malfunctions.”


Other things I learned from this tiny bloop from Page Six: no, she will not wear a meat dress, but she will wear clothes; her performance will be “tremendously athletic.” If Lady Gaga descends from scaffolding high above a stage in the NRG Stadium in Houston, wrapped in silks like she’s freaking Pink, I will scream.

[Page Six]

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Grande can’t be pregnant, she is the hardest working 23 years old in this world.