The App That Uses AI to Undress Women Is Dead, At Least For Now

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From fake Gal Godot porn to computer-generated video meant to undermine Nancy Pelosi, deepfakes are the newest technology on the forefront of making life harder for women. But at least a new app that allowed users to very easily digitally strip the clothes from female bodies has been shelved for the time being.


According to The Washington Post, DeepNude, “used artificial intelligence to create the “deepfake” images, presenting realistic approximations of what a woman — it was not designed to work on men — might look like without her clothes.”

Of course it was not designed to work on men, but ladies, calm down, the app’s developer, who goes by the name Alberto, says he created DeepNude using an open-source algorithm from the University of California at Berkeley out of a sense of “fun and enthusiasm.” Yep, that sure sounds fun, dude.

After Motherboard wrote about DeepNude last week, Alberto faced a wave of negative press and backlash, as well as a bunch of fucking weirdos who crashed the server in their eagerness to take women’s clothes off without consent. In response, Alberto tweeted an elegy for the technology that was DeepNude:

But like the hand that pops up from the grave at the end of a horror movie, Alberto told the Post we should probably prepare ourselves for the next chapter of this dystopian bullshit: “If someone has bad intentions, having DeepNude doesn’t change much. . . . If I don’t do it, someone else will do it in a year.”


Mortal Dictata

And ~50% of the population still can’t work out why the “frat house” culture of CompSci and software development is a really terrible thing.

So many techie men seem to think they’re alright because as they aren’t “jock” types of misogynistic, loud non-consensual grabbing “players”, they are therefore not misogynistic or at least not “physically harming” when in fact the increasingly connected world makes a lot of these types far more long-lasting, far-reaching, and disturbing.

It’s one of the reasons I ended up not going into my degree’s field of work, because the “lad” culture even at uni was obnoxious as fuck.