The Anatomy of a Celebrity Apology

Stassi Schroder, a woman who embodies “sorry, not sorry.” Image: Getty
Stassi Schroder, a woman who embodies “sorry, not sorry.” Image: Getty

Every day across this great nation of ours, celebrities fuck up. They write a tweet or make a movie or say something stupid on a podcast that offends many, and once that offense has been noted by the public record, the newly-chastened and penitent celebrity pens an apology.

On this post-Thanksgiving weekend Dirtcast, Madeleine Davies and I are joined by Jezebel’s very own Ellie Shechet for an extended edition of the Dirtiest Dirt. We sifted through the gossip coffers of a relatively uneventful long weekend and emerged clutching a few shining jewels in our teeth to share and discuss.

At the top of the episode, we share our collective and quiet glee at the news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recently announced engagement. We speculate on whether or not Cardi B will invite Barbra Streisand to her wedding. Lena Dunham managed to put her foot in her mouth once again, by standing up for a writer accused of sexual assault with a sour righteousness that was quickly tempered by an obsequious apology. And Stassi Schroder, villainess of Vanderpump Rules, really stepped in it this time.


We also played a fun game of Guess the Celebrity Apology that proved to be a little too easy—solid evidence that our brains are full of delightful, celebrity fluff, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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well fuck thee gently with a chainsaw

....Great episode. As far as I’m concerned, listening to you guys explore the week’s dirtiest dirt is heaven and no interview could improve upon it. I’d even appreciate a two-hour long episode of gossip rag rehash and reaction!


Your demented superfan xx