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The Amy Winehouse/Nas Duet Is Sad, Soulful, Bittersweet

Illustration for article titled The Amy Winehouse/Nas Duet Is Sad, Soulful, Bittersweet

The melodic vocals on "Like Smoke," Amy Winehouse's posthumous new single, were originally recorded in 2008. She always wanted to collaborate with Nas, aka Mr. Jones, and he's added his voice to the track by rapping between her chorus. Sad that it happened after she died.
Her lyrics:

I never wanted you to be my man
I just need your company…
Don't want to get dependent on
Your time or who you spend it on
Then lose the way you love me
Like smoke
I hung around
In the unbalance


His lyrics:

Will I marry again, maybe, I guess….
I be out in London, Camden
Hunting for the answers
Why did God take away the homie
I can't say that I'm a firm believer
That we all meet up in eternity
Just hope the big man
Show me some courtesy….


Apropos of nothing, he also references Occupy Wall Street. Listen below.

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Two great tastes, not that great together.

Amy's vocal is the straight-up jazziest I've heard from her. It's cool...she sounds like she was in a good place, vocally, and the melody is lovely.

As a fan, I hoped she would go in a ballsier direction. I really wanted her to do something like "Mean Monsoon" off Dan Auerbach's solo record. But, obviously, I didn't get a vote and it's all a moot point now. I'll probably still get at least a few tracks off the posthumous album regardless, though. Just maybe not this one.