That's a Lotta Thrustin'

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Good news for femme tops and some men too I guess.

Esquire says some researchers at Boston University have invented a very lubey condom. According to their findings, published in the Royal Society Open Science journal, yon wet ‘n’ wild prophylactic tube is made from “hydrophilic polymers,” which means it “gets slippery when it comes into contact with body fluids,” which means it stays internally lubricated way longer than the average condom, which means less dick chafe and more feel good.


The researchers estimate that their soupy dick slip, hitting the market “in a year or two,” will last for 1,000 thrusts, which seems like a lot of thrusts! Or is it? I have no idea. I’m usually too filled with dick and regret to wonder how many times the former has thrust into me. I guess that’s the difference between me and someone who has a PhD. I don’t keep track of how many thrusts there are during sex.

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I legit cackled at “dick and regret” and now everyone is looking at me funny...