That Is Miss Lindsay Lohan Vanderpump to You

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It is true, Lindsay Lohan is reinventing again with a Vanderpump Rules-inspired reality show about her Mykonos beach club, the first of the resort chain she’s planning. A source tells Page Six that it will be “cooler, hipper, edgier” version.

You can glimpse said “edge” in last month’s New York Times profile, for which Gabrielle Bluestone [disclaimer: former Jezebel staffer] went all the way to Greece, and Lohan almost didn’t come out because she had a cold and then talked about how she wanted peace and quiet and that’s about it.


I guess hopefully her friend Tiffany makes an appearance.

[Page Six]

Offset was arrested after–what else–a traffic stop. Police searched the car and found three handguns and less than an ounce of marijuana; TMZ reports he’s been charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a weapon during a crime, possession of marijuana, and an improper lane change. His bodyguard Senay Gezahgn was also in the car and also arrested.


Cardi B has announced via Instagram story that he’s home now.

[Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Meghan Markle’s family is milking the media circuit. Her dad’s all over the place, her nephew is getting his own reality series, and her relentless shit-talking half-sister Samantha is landing on British Celebrity Big Brother now, which has become the primary venue for fame-adjacent people to drop their nuggets. The rumor mill has it that the palace won’t let her to talk to them to tell them to CUT IT.


[Page Six]

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