Thanks for Nothing: Romney Canceled Staff Credit Cards Before They Even Got Home on Tuesday

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Apparently Romney aides taking cabs home after his concession speech were told by their drivers that, "Dee-clined. Waa waahhhh." How embarrassing! It was a real Phyllis "They cut my credit card in half!" Neffler moment, yall. Must suck to get slapped with the reality of the assholery of the man they'd dedicated months or years working for. But, DUH DUMBASSES. Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas. (Sorry, dogs, that was so rude.)

For those of you wondering if that was standard protocol for failed bids, Forbes says no:

In case you are wondering, this did not have to happen. The Mitt Romney for President entity does not end with Romney's Tuesday night loss. There are papers to be filed with various federal commissions and bills to be paid

But clearly not the taxi bills belonging to some of those most loyal to Romney. Maybe that's what you get for taking a job with a multi-millionaire who boasts about the fact that he sneaks popcorn into movie theatres in wife's handbag, so he doesn't have to pay inflated concession prices for a snack.


Mult-millionaires don't become multi-millionaires by paying for shit, OK?

Mitt Romney's Campaign Cancels Staffers Credit Cards In The Middle Of The Night [Forbes]

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steven [gawker help]

I agree that this is a pretty weasely move. On the other hand, I can see a possible reason for this being done, and that is to minimize the number of people who would have gone on spending binges with the campaign credit card. Since we don't live in a utopia, there's probably plenty of people on that campaign who would have taken advantage of the situation: "well, campaign is over, might as well do one last hurrah while we still can." And then they would hire a Hummer limo with full service catering by an entourage of little people. While also purchasing a dozen cases of Dom to drink away their sorrows. All on the campaign credit card.

It's a stretch, I know, but it is plausible. And it has the potential to be spun into "the taxpayers would have ended up paying for this egregious behavior." The salaries of the campaign staff would probably be paid through the month of November as promised. Again, not defending these actions, just offering a different possible perspective, even if it isn't an ironclad defense.