Texas Judge Sued After Girl He Sent to Live With Sex Offender Was Raped

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Well, here's some shit awful bullshit crap news for your Saturday. A Texan judge sent a girl to live with her grandmother and her grandmother's boyfriend, a registered sex offender, who then raped the girl and murdered the grandmother.


In February 2012, after an unsuccessful attempt by her mother to remove her from the home, now retired Burleson County District Court Judge Terry Flenniken ordered the girl to remain living with her step-grandmother Jean Slovacek-Storm and her boyfriend Edward Clinton Lee, a registered sex offender. Four months later, Lee shot and murdered Slovacek-Storm and bound and raped the victim. Luckily, she escaped and found help. Lee was sentenced to life in prison.

This heartbreaking case became even more intense when a right-to-life group decided to sue the judge:

The lawsuit, filed by the Texas Center for Defense of Life, alleges that the victim told Flenniken of psychological and emotional abuse of a sexual nature she suffered at the hands of Lee, including pressure to undergo an abortion after informing Slovacek and Lee that she he had become pregnant with her boyfriend’s child. Despite the girl detailing Lee’s abuse, the judge decided not to remove her from the home.

During that half hour private conversation, the victim told Flenniken that Lee had offered her money to strip for him and that she’d often catch Lee spying on her when she showered. She explained that she wore her everyday clothes rather than pajamas when she slept for fear that Lee would spy on her while changing, and that she often moved a dresser in front of her bedroom door to keep him out.



The lawsuit also names three teachers at the girl's school who failed to report the victim’s report of threats from Lee. Their cases are pending.



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Rebecca "Burt" Rose

The teachers thing kills me. There's a law that requires teachers to report shit like this. My mind is blown by that.

This is a day and age where a kid, in the same state, wrote a stupid joke about shooting a school on Facebook and was arrested for it and could spend eight years in jail for it. People took him seriously! Seriously enough to arrest him. But a girl goes to her teachers, and to A JUDGE and begs for help about a very real threat and she's put back in the home with her fucking abuser. And everyone just ignores it.

This is what rape culture looks like. This is it. When we claim to be 'tough on crime' and we throw kids out of school or arrest them for making jokes about guns and bombs, yet we cannot keep one girl safe from a rapist. Even when she begs for it. Because a real threat isn't taken seriously at. Because women who are systematic victims of abuse are still not taken seriously enough by the system.

This is what we're fucking up on.