Texas Child Finds MDMA in a Sonic Kids Meal

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A Texas family who bought a Sonic kids meal for their four-year-old discovered an MDMA pill inside a hamburger wrapper.


According to The Dallas Morning News, a family in Taylor, Texas, near Austin, stopped at Sonic to buy kids meals for their two children, ages four and eleven. As the older child unwrapped a burger for the younger, she found a pill. Luckily, she asked her parents what it was: “Being an 11-year-old, she asked her parents if this was candy,” Taylor police Chief Henry Fluck told KEYE-TV.”

The parents took the pill to the local police station, where officers declared it to be an MDMA tablet. MDMA is also known as ecstasy or molly, depending on whether you’re at a 90's rave or a Brooklyn warehouse party.

Authorities arrested three Sonic employees, including manger Tanisha Monavette Dancer, who had three more tabs on her when police searched.

Around Halloween, the popular drug and razor blade-laced foodstuff urban legend circulates social media, often prompting the childless to explain that no one wants to waste expensive drugs on kids who won’t even appreciate them. But it has happened, though not necessarily in the ways parents are usually warned about. There’s been at least one case of a child dying after eating deliberately poisoned candy, and last summer, sewing needle-riddled strawberries caused a panic in Australia.



And here I thought it was only KFC that drugged their food... (seriously, there’s no reason their gravy should be that good)