Terry Richardson Photographs Deepak Chopra, Doesn't Jizz in His Eye

Because nothing says "spiritual enlightenment" like creeping on terrified young models, Terry Richardson and Deepak Chopra recently teamed up for a photo shoot in V Magazine. Terry posted some extra shots over at his Tumblr—including this one of two kewl bros bro-ing around!

Via SlamXHype:

Photographer Terry Richardson has photographed enlightenment guru Deepak Chopra as part of his Terry's Diary line of pictures because… we honestly don't know. It makes no sense but it's still hilarious, so you should check out the gallery above. Here's hoping they release more, where Chopra is wearing just a g-string, and Richardson's face on his nipples, because let's be honest, that's not that far out of the realm of possibility at this point.


I mean, whatever. I understand that Richardson is a hugely popular photographer who's hired to shoot all kind of public figures who are not shy and frightened teenage models. But I wonder how long it'll be before subjects, like Chopra, who have a financial and professional stake in being perceived as safe, nurturing, and enlightened, start to object to being shot by him.


Weird that Uncle Terry managed to go the whole photo shoot without getting any jizz on Deepak Chopra! Just another one of those special bonuses that come with womanhood, I guess. Lucky us.

Images via Getty.

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