Terrence Howard Awkwardly Compares Himself to Lucious Lyon on the Emmy Awards Red Carpet

The red carpet is the time for spontaneous moments that make for great live television. Unfortunately for Terrence Howard, things got a little too candid on the red carpet of the Emmy Awards Sunday night.


For starters, he began his interview with E!’s Giuliana Rancic by calling his Empire character Lucious Lyon an “asshole,” a comment that was promptly bleeped out by E!.

Because tact is dead, Rancic then asked Terrence Howard’s wife, Mira Pak, if he ever brings his Lucious Lyon character home with him in real life. Pak answered that yes, he does, “quite often, actually.” This made things pretty awkward considering Lucious Lyon is violent and rather unstable and Terrence Howard himself has a documented history of domestic violence.

Trying the minimize the awkwardness, Howard joked that he’s got “people hanging in the bathroom.” Twitter noticed.


Pretty uncomfortable for all involved!

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This interview deserves two Grimacing Chrissies.