​Terrence Howard's Abusive History Reportedly Cost Him a Movie Role

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Terrence Howard was initially in the running to play the role of Philadelphia civil rights activist Cecil B. Moore in a biopic, tentatively titled American Zealot. But it seems that the actor's penchant for physically abusing women has cost him the job.

According to sources, executives involved with the movie are hesitant about potentially casting Howard; in part, it seems the aftermath of the Ray Rice abuse scandal has them spooked.

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

Two of his ex-wives have alleged that Howard, who co-starred in films such as "The Butler" and "Iron Man," physically abused them.

In light of heightened sensitivities stemming from the headlines surrounding the NFL's Ray Rice domestic-abuse scandal, some involved with the project were nervous about moving forward with Howard.

I reached out to Philly-based filmmaker Tigre Hill, who is writing the script, but he declined to comment, saying, "I can confirm that I'm doing it but I have no comment."


This has been yet another chapter in Abusing Women Not Likely to Work Out Well For Your Career.

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Haha! Yes!

If it were me I would have shunned him based solely on his comments about baby wipes vis a vis ladies' assholes but this is fine by me.