Teresa's Enemy Sister-In-Law Joins Cast Of NJ Housewives

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Melissa Gorga—Teresa Giudice's sister-in-law—has reportedly signed on for the third season of RHONJ, with cameras following her around for the past few weeks, much to Teresa's chagrin, as the two women are said to be enemies.


Yesterday on Today, Teresa mentioned that some of her family members have been "interviewed" for the spot left empty by Dina Manzo, but wouldn't confirm anything. But that could have something to do with the fact that Melissa's addition to the cast is playing a role in Teresa's contract dispute with Bravo to return next season (which supposedly starts filming today).


According to RadarOnline, Teresa and Melissa—who is married to Teresa's younger brother Giuseppe—"don't get along…don't speak." A "family source" revealed:

When Teresa got word that her sister-in-law was asked to be part of the show she said, ‘If she's going to be on the show, then I'm not going to do it.'

We might have Danielle Staub's cryptic "nephew" comment on the reunion to thank for this new drama. Melissa recently gave birth to a son, and seeing how much the mere mention of it pissed off Teresa, the network may have found the opportunity for a juicy new storyline irresistible.


Melissa used to be the secretary for Giuseppe's successful real estate development business before the two wed six years ago. The NY Post is reporting today that Melissa was pissed off that Teresa wouldn't allow Melissa's daughter Antonia to ride in the limo for Gia's birthday party, which was featured on an episode this past season. Additionally, the Gorgas are much wealthier than the bankrupt Giudices, with their $4 million 13,500-square-foot, 16-room estate in tony Montville said to be "twice the size" of Teresa and Joe's marble-and-onyx Towaco palace.

Bravo's official statement on the matter: "We have announced that the show is coming back, but have not made any announcements about casting yet."


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Hold up a sec:

Teresa *swears* in this week's People/Us/In Touch/whichever, that she was at the hospital the whole time her nephew was being born and there's Twitter (!) evidence to prove it. So...assuming that Danielle was referring to this nephew (and not a son Joe had with his gumar)...am I supposed to believe that Teresa did *all* of that flipping out over the fact that Danielle knows she doesn't get along with her sis-in-law? Really? Something's not adding up. Either their is a mistress w/baby or Teresa is insane to have reacted that way. Ooooh! Some lady doesn't talk to her S-i-L. Scandalous! But not really. If that's all Danielle's private dick dug up, it was a total waste of money. Way to handle your dire financial situation D.

Regardless, a pissing contest over who's "wealthier/classier" between these two would be a tremendously entertaining storyline for next season.

PS: Think T is jealous of her bro's hairline?