Teresa Giudice Is Living Her Best Life Via E-mail

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Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice probably has a better sex life than most of us. Get it, T.

In an exclusive with Entertainment Tonight, Giudice dished on how her husband, Joe Giudice, has been handling his recent prison sentence, which apparently includes picking up some dumbbells and “taking [it] one day at a time.”

“He’s eating right...because you know, it’s good,” said Teresa. “He said it’s good. He’s getting his mind focused and he’s not drinking. I guess he was drinking a lot, so...”


Right then.

Teresa also gave the requisite dish about her sexy-time e-mails, because what’s a good interview involving a prison sentence without some sort of nod to conjugal sexting?

Despite her allusions to both Giudices getting their rocks off via DSL (or WiFi, I suppose), she added that she would disclose anymore details.

(Because I have already binge-watched season 4 of Orange is the New Black, my mind immediately jumped to Lorna and Vinny. Are they Lorna and Vinny? Or Judy King? Is Joe Giudice actually Judy King in this situation?


...also yes, my life has depleted of all cheer since I finished episode 13. #NoSpoilers.)

The reality star’s husband was sent to the aptly-named Fort Dix for a 41 month sentence after he was found guilty of multiple counts of bankruptcy fraud; Giudice herself served an almost year-long sentence, which ended in December 2015, after pleading guilty to four counts of fraud. [ETOnline]


Only weeks after police officers made a house call to Jules Wainstein’s residence after the Real Housewives of New York star accused her estranged husband, Michael Wainstein, of engaging in “threatening behavior” towards her, it seems that the couple, while still undergoing an acrimonious divorce, are still living together. The reason? The kids. Oy vey zmir.


As Us Weekly reports:

Sharing a roof hasn’t been easy for the parents of Jagger, 6, and Rio 3, who have been hurling vicious accusations at each other. (The 35-year-old reality personality has accused the venture capitalist of cheating, while Michael claims Jules physically abused him in 2012.)

“Jules is going through a living hell,” says [an] insider. “Michael cut her off so she has no way of paying for the kids.”


Of course, her husband’s attorney, Mark Jay Heller, says otherwise.

“Jules’ real goal is to create some drama to increase her stock on the Real Housewives,”he told Us Weekly.


Great situation, guys. Great all around. Does anyone have some anti-acids? [Us Weekly]

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Rita Ora has been hospitalized for exhaustion.