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Amber Heard Says She Will Not Settle Her Domestic Violence Case

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

No, Johnny Depp, Amber Heard does not want to settle her domestic violence suit.

As TMZ reported:

...sources connected with Johnny are asking for a continuance in the domestic violence hearing, scheduled for Friday. They say it’s all because both Amber and Johnny want to end their legal war ... which includes the divorce, domestic violence claims and everything else.

TMZ’s “Amber sources” have stated that this sentiment is untrue, namely because “they know her testimony about domestic violence will be devastating for him.”

Despite these rumors, Heard will not appear in court tomorrow as scheduled; the hearing for her permanent restraining order against Depp has been postponed so that Heard’s lawyers can continue their depositions. [TMZ]


It looks like Leonardo DiCaprio will also be going to court, but for a very, very different reason: the man who may or may not bone to the beat of MGMT on his headphones is being deposed in a $25 million defamation lawsuit over Martin Scorsese’s 2013 finance bro-fest The Wolf of Wall Street.

According to Page Six, New York executive Andrew Greene is suing Paramount Pictures for character defamation. In his lawsuit, Greene alleged that his fictional counterpart in the film—a prostitute enthusiast with a penchant for toupees played by actor P.J. Byrne—cast him as a “criminal, drug user, degenerate, depraved and devoid of any morals or ethics.”

While Greene’s attorneys, Stephanie Ovadia and Aaron Goldsmith, stated that they had attempted previously to depose DiCaprio—who they cited as a “driving force” behind the flick—he purportedly brushed them off, stating that he was “too busy.”


As Page Six continued:

Judge Steven Locke granted a motion to compel DiCaprio’s deposition, saying it would take place “at a reasonable time and place agreed to by the parties.”

Greene claims his identity is “readily apparent” in the movie and that his “Wolf” character, played by actor P.J. Byrne, was repeatedly mocked for his “piece of s—t hairpiece.”


Ah, the angst of modern man. [Page Six]




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