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Tequila Will Make You Forget All About Your Terminally Ill Sugar Daddy

On last night's episode, Gretchen, the youngest Housewife — with the much older fiancé dying in the hospital — got Rock of Love Bus drunk at a dinner party and hit on the hostess' son.

It was all a part of an evil plan on the part of Housewife Tamra, who was throwing the party to show off what she'd learned in etiquette class. Tamra decided that she didn't like Gretchen and wanted to get her drunk to "make her do something stupid." (This clip is pretty lengthy, but it doesn't include all of Gretchen's cringe-worthy drunkenness.) Tamra's 22-year-old son saw an opportunity to be a sleazebag and ducked into the bathroom with Gretchen when no one was looking. They may or may not have hooked up. To be continued!


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ASKDJNASKDJNWRUCWJBCKSJD! This was horrible to watch, and I hate to see what happens on the reunion special.

I have to say, I understand her behavior (to a point) because I get... loving?.. when I've had a ton to drink. HOWEVER. If this is how you behave, it's your responsibility to not get that drunk.

Also, Tamra's son- I will never get a taco with him. Eff it.