Teen Vandal Thinks Prom Incident Has Been Blown Way Out Of Proportion

After vandalizing school property to ask a fellow senior if she'd go to the prom with him, James Tate was suspended and banned from the prom. Over the weekend, his school reversed the decision, and Tate is allowed to attend the event. However. On the Today show this morning, we learned Tate may suffer "alternate consequences." Mysterious! Tate says, "I think this has been blown completely out of proportion." He and his prom date, Sonali Rodrigues, looked mildly bemused but also rather tired of the hubbub. Or maybe they just have Senioritis.


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Teen Banned From Prom For Adorable Vandalism


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He was suspended for a WEEK???!! Holy crap, that headmistress is excessive. They were paper letters on removable tape. If anything, he should be required to work with the landscapers and maintenance people until just before graduation, or something.

And when I was in high school in Connecticut, we wrote "Kick Ass" on the front of the school, near the cafeteria, in snowballs. We went back and added more snowballs so you couldn't tell what it was, but it was still snowballs stuck to the side of the school, after hours. I have photographic proof, and we didn't get in a lick of trouble. Ah, how times change.