Teen Banned From Prom For Adorable Vandalism

Senior James Tate of Shelton High School in Connecticut posted a giant message on the front wall of his school reading, "Sonali Rodrigues will you go to prom with me? HMU [hit me up] — Tate." But grinchy Headmaster Beth Smith suspended him and banned him from prom for his gesture.


Everyone from Tate's mom to over 98,000 Facebook users is trying to get Smith to reverse her decision. But so far, she hasn't spoken publicly. After watching the teen explain himself on the Today Show — and hearing Rodrigues say she hopes she doesn't have to go to prom alone — we're totally on Team Tate. However, we are kind of concerned about the other seven Shelton kids who were banned from prom. Their crime: the sinister-sounding "elevator incident."

Mayor: Punishment Doesn't Fit Crime In Case Of Connecticut Teen Barred From Prom [Fox News]
Support Grows For Romantic Student Banned From Prom [Reuters]

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Oh, for crissakes, it wasn't even painted on?! This is all over cardboard letters?! He's got his suspension, so maybe make him write an essay or clean up litter around the school, but banning him from the prom is a "fuck you, you little brat" too far.

Hell, even most of the Fox comments support the kid. And those are some crotchety and judgemental commentors.

And that elevator incident? Horseplay and no one got hurt. Seriously, this school sounds like a Nickelodeon sitcom.