On last night's reunion show, Dr. Drew headed up a televised counseling session with Farrah and her mom Debra. The reunion was taped shortly before Debra was arrested for assaulting her daughter, and tension between the two women was palpable.

While Dr. Drew means well—and anyone who watched the show can attest to the fact that Farrah did come off as immature—I think he was a little too hard on Farrah and a little too easy on her mom.

Knowing what we know now about the alleged severity of Debra's assault—she was holding two knives that she refused to drop until the cops pulled their guns on her—there's a lot more shit going on here than Farrah is willing to admit. It's telling however, that when Dr. Drew asks her what she would do if her own daughter Sophia treated her the way Farrah treats Debra, Farrah replies, "Then I know I'm doing something wrong."