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Teen Mom: "I Wish My Parents Would Stop Telling Me To Be A Better Mom"

On last night's episode Farrah repeatedly left her baby at home, and spent late nights out with friends, to her parents' chagrin. She's angry her folks treat her like a kid, and wishes they'd let her be a "normal" teenager.

Farrah's demands are contradictory, and to that end, it seems like she is a normal teenager. But she's also a mom, and doesn't really grasp that she's supposed to drop the it's-not-fairs. Also, when some sleazy older guy you meet in a club is telling you you should spend more time with your kid, maybe it's time that you did.

Dear teens of America,
You will never win an argument with, "OK, mom…anyways, like, get over it."

Dear teens of America,
Country Buffet served on plates instead of takeout containers does not a grand gesture make.

Catelynn, the teen who put her daughter up for adoption, went to a "birth moms retreat" to help deal with her depression and anxiety over her decision. As she's telling her boyfriend Tyler how helpful the experience was, it's at once heartbreaking and heartwarming to hear her say that it touched her to have a group of women tell her how important she is, because she'd never felt that way before.


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Might I also give 2 snaps for the date, for being totally a) cool with dating a mom but b) turn cold when he found out she's careless. Damn he seemed to care more about the baby than she did.

(and an extra snap for being quite the hottie.)