Teen Mom Finale: Unplanned Pregnancies Have Unpredictable Outcomes

On last night's finale, one single mom realized that her GED would have to be put on hold, another accepted that her own mother is her parenting partner, and the kids who made an adoption plan got engaged.

Out of the four stories followed on Teen Mom, Catelynn and Tyler's was the most touching. The shared experience of making the tough and selfless decision to give their daughter up for adoption made the young couple grow closer. Of all the fathers featured on this show, Tyler is the youngest, and seems to be the most responsible and caring. I hope they have a long and happy marriage.

After leaving her fiancé, Amber struggled to make ends meet as a single mom. She found that working and taking care of her daughter left no time for her to get her GED, and the realization of what her life has become was devastating.

While Farrah resigned to accept that her mother—who was recently arrested for assaulting Farrah—is her parenting partner, you can tell that she's not exactly thrilled about it.




I just teared up more at Catelynn and Tyler's engagement than at my own. I think it's adorable that they are at a fancy restaurant and both ordered burgers and fries. Holy crap, they are awesome people. Can anyone tell me what Tyler mumbled in the last seconds of the clip?