Taylor Swift Super-Fans Still Exist, Are Getting Their Own Fan App

That’s the life / Image via Youtube

Does Facebook make you anxious? Do you ever feel bored scrolling through Twitter? Are you often overcome with the urge to throw your smartphone into the sea?

Well, there’s a new social media network coming that will only exacerbate those feelings! It’s called The Swift Life™ and it’s an app exclusively about Taylor Swift. When the app was first announced, many assumed it was going to be a game. But it appears to be her own mini-social network, a messaging app that looks like a mash-up between Instagram and a fan forum. Can fans post things or is it just a collection of her feeds? Who knows! “The Swift Life provides a creative, inclusive and community-driven place for users to better connect with each other… and Taylor!,” reads a press release for the app, which is created by a company that makes mobile games.

The Swift Life™ is clearly for super-fans, but it follows a celebrity trend emerging in the past few years in which social media stars (like Lele Pons) or people like Kylie Jenner create their own apps to update fans with new content. Because if you’re a big enough star, why would you go through channels like Facebook or Twitter to post news and photos, when you could corral all your fans onto your own, curated platform (where it will be much easier to hold their attention?)


And in case you somehow forgot, since she’s only released two, deeply mediocre songs (both of which have forced me to replay the first half of Speak Now to remember where she came from), Taylor Swift’s Reputation is out in a little less than a month, on November 10. So, gird your loins!

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