Taylor Swift Ends Brief Jury Duty Stint, Can't Be 'Impartial' in Rape Case

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Ever so briefly, Taylor Swift lived like the common people do by serving jury duty today in Nashville, Tennessee. But she was quickly relieved of her civic duty. The judge determined that she could not be an “impartial” juror for the case at hand.


Called for an aggravated rape and kidnapping case, the judge determined that Swifty would be too biased to serve as a juror. She currently has a pending sexual harassment case in Colorado against a DJ who purportedly fondled her backstage.

Alas, the remaining jurors will not pass the remainder of their jury duty hobnobbing with Our Blonde Bestie. But they did manage to squeeze in pictures today.


Iggy Azalea and French Montana are snoggin’ so passionately that Montana isn’t giving a thought to his wedgie.


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Serious question, is a baby shower for a second baby a real thing? It seems like celebrities all do it, but I’ve never seen it for a normal. And I work in Hollywood. No female director or DP I know has ever had a shower for kiddo #2. I’m sure as hell not having one.