Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Wandered Into Rhode Island and Made Out on a Rock


Serial breakup songwriter Taylor Swift and handsome snooze button Tom Hiddleston proved the old adage that what happens in Rhode Island immediately leaves Rhode Island, travels across the ocean, and finds itself on the cover of an English tabloid when photos of the new couple making out on one of the state’s teeny tiny beaches were published by The Sun late Thursday afternoon.

Photos of the canoodling session—during which the newly single Swift and Hiddleston performed puppy love like extras on the set of Pleasantville—show the couple in various positions that would be interpreted as “Intimacy, Human” by any supercomputer worth its salt. They kiss each other on the lips. They take selfies. They rest their heads on each other’s shoulders. They look out at the sea as if thinking, “Why are we in Rhode Island?” Tom even gives Taylor his jacket, presumably after she said either, “I’m cold, Tom,” or, “Gimme your jacket, Tom. We need to give them another pose.”


The news of Swift and Hiddleston’s coupling comes just over a month after Swift and Hiddleston were filmed dancing together at the Met Gala. And now, as residents of Britain decide whether or not they want to leave the ET, the countdown to #Texit has officially begun.

Image via The Sun.

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