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Tan Mom Cleared of Charges and Free to Tan All Day E'ry Day

Illustration for article titled Tan Mom Cleared of Charges and Free to Tan All Day Ery Day

Good news for Patricia Krentcil: a grand jury has declined to indict her on second-degree child endangerment charges.


This whole thing started when Krentcil's five-year-old daughter showed up to school with a sunburn and mentioned she'd gone tanning with her mom; a teacher called the cops. From the get-go, Krentcil called the incident a misunderstanding, insisting that her daughter's sunburn came from playing in the yard, and that while she did take her daughter to the tanning salon, the kid never got inside the tanning bed. Of course, the real story was Krentcil's incredibly dark face, which was way beyond what you might think of when you think "tan." Krentcil added to the intrigue slurring her way through interviews, calling critics jealous, fat and ugly, stumbling on the red carpet and being wasted at drag queen shows. Even though she said she would quit tanning, now that the charges have been dismissed, Krentcil says: "I like to tan. I don't think that's a crime, and I'm still going to tan."


As for the future, she told a local news crew she was going to London, because she has "a lot of modeling jobs."

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I read that she said she was going to London to "decompress" for a year—leaving her kids and husband in New Jersey. No idea if this is true, but it is...who would do that? Leave their kids for a whole year? Not like this woman is really rational. But what is that about?