If You Don't Like Tan Mom, You're Just Jealous, Fat and Ugly

Guys. Is Tan Mom drunk? Is she slurring a little? And what is she talking about?
"Everything is dangerous."
"I tan, a rela — you know — one, once in a, three, four times a week. It's my relaxation."
"Any mother that says something or doesn't even know me… They don't have children."
"It's a blush."
"I don't sit in tanning booths. I have a life."


FYI: Tan Mom has a bench warrant from an incident in 1999, when she was arrested and charged with credit card theft, forgery and theft for allegedly writing bad checks.

Tan Mom Lashes Out At Critics, Calling Them 'Jealous, Fat And Ugly' [MyFoxPhilly]

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Do commenters here not realize that the no-body-snarking policy means to not attack someone expressly on looks, and that this person is getting teased not just because she looks different (BY HER OWN CHOOSING) but because she's sort of an asshole and this is a celebrity gossip site?

WON'T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE TAN MOM. If somebody is quirky and chooses to wear a pineapple on their head, or has 600 facial piercings, or slathers themselves with comical amounts of bronzer, is an ENTERTAINMENT BLOG not allowed to comment on it?

The humorless echo chamber in the comments section is clearly in denial of the purpose and mission of this site and ruins the quality of discussions here. You want to see real body-snarking? Open any tabloid, read the comments on any article on TMZ, Dlisted, People, EW.com, etc. And put away the tiny violins for this local news sideshow woman who has brought joy to so many of us with her glorious fake tan. SHE WILL BE JUST FINE.