If You Don't Like Tan Mom, You're Just Jealous, Fat and Ugly

Guys. Is Tan Mom drunk? Is she slurring a little? And what is she talking about?
"Everything is dangerous."
"I tan, a rela — you know — one, once in a, three, four times a week. It's my relaxation."
"Any mother that says something or doesn't even know me… They don't have children."
"It's a blush."
"I don't sit in tanning booths. I have a life."

FYI: Tan Mom has a bench warrant from an incident in 1999, when she was arrested and charged with credit card theft, forgery and theft for allegedly writing bad checks.


Tan Mom Lashes Out At Critics, Calling Them 'Jealous, Fat And Ugly' [MyFoxPhilly]

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