Tamron Hall Left Today Because 'She Didn't Want to Settle for Sitting on the Sidelines'

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

Tamron Hall, the woman who was unceremoniously dumped from Today to be replaced by one Megyn Kelly, reportedly (and rightfully) walked away from her “dream job” because she viewed the move as a “demotion.”


People reports that according to a source, Hall was “equal parts furious, hurt and offended” when she was shuffled out of her spot and replaced by Kelly, who left Fox News and will be soon gracing the Today stage to do...something, though I can’t for the life of me imagine what.

Hall was reportedly offered “many millions of dollars” to stay with NBC, and the source also reports that she knew ahead of time that her position in the 9 a.m. hour as Savannah Guthrie’s maternity leave replacement wasn’t permanent. The network’s decision to usher in Kelly and yank the top spot for her was the last straw.

“She wasn’t going to settle for sitting on the sidelines,” the source told People. Hall’s close friend Mara Brock Akil said of the situation, “Tamron’s a woman of integrity and she’s writing her own story.” I think anyone with a shred of integrity who found themselves being replaced by Megyn Kelly would do the same.

Tamron, babe, you made the right call. Join Kelly Ripa. Snatch those ratings, deprive Matt Lauer, do whatever it takes.


I’m very sorry to plop politics into Dirt Bag, but this is where this goes: Jessica Alba and Tyra Banks are distancing themselves from the sticky clutches of The New Celebrity Apprentice, that TV show the President of the United States is still somehow producing, even though he should be trying to run this country or something, I don’t know.


Racked reports that Tyra herself has pledged to have nothing to do with the show moving forward. Jessica Alba is an adviser on the show, promoting her brand The Honesty Company. According to Grab Your Wallet, the website that is keeping meticulous track of the Trump family’s empire, she’s outta there too.

Other retailers, including Neiman Marcus, HSN and ShopStyle are slowly but surely cutting their ties from the multi-tentacled Trump empire, Racked also reports. Good! For! Them! Get outta there! Strip the shelves of all your mid-heeled, faux patent-leather work pumps in “tasteful” colors and only one shade of nude! Abolish all silky “shell” tops and pencil skirts that look only okay on the hanger and not on a real body! Let’s get ‘em where it hurts.




I forgot that Justin Bieber took an “Instagram break” but he’s back and uh, here’s that. There’s that.

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