Tamron Hall Is in Development For Her Own Daytime Talk Show

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On Wednesday, Weinstein Television announced that they were working with former Today and MSNBC host Tamron Hall on a daily live studio audience talk show, as well as developing other non-scripted programming.

People reports that Weinstein Company Co-Chairman Harvey Weinstein said in a statement that he’s been wanting to create a talk show for some time but was looking for the “right person to take the lead,” and that Tamron Hall is “far and away that person” because of her ability to “masterfully walk the line between entertainment and hard hitting” in interviews.

Hall left NBC when her contract expired in February, shortly after it was announced that former Fox News host Megyn Kelly had gotten a deal at the network, replacing Hall and co-anchor Al Roker on Today. Kelly also ended up with her own show, Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly, which has so far garnered terrible ratings; Kelly has made her mark with it by conducting an interview with Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.


We’ll see if Hall gets the return to talk show programming she deserves, but in the meantime, she seems pretty happy about things.

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So when NBC drops über talented Tamron Hall so that they can drop a wad of cash on ratings-challenged, dry paste Megyn Kelly, how long do they drag it out before admitting how short-sighted and dumb they were?