Megyn Kelly Dropped as Host of Sandy Hook Gala Because of Alex Jones Interview [Update]

On Sunday, NBC will air Megyn Kelly’s interview with noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who believes with certainty that the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 was a government hoax. As a result of her decision to sit down with the ruddy moron, she has been dropped as the host of a gala organized by Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, a nonprofit against gun violence, the Washington Post reports.

A statement from the organization’s co-founder and managing director Nicole Hockley reads:

“Sandy Hook Promise cannot support the decision by Megyn or NBC to give any form of voice or platform to Alex Jones and have asked Megyn Kelly to step down as our Promise Champion Gala host..It is our hope that Megyn and NBC reconsider and not broadcast this interview.”


NBC’s decision to push forward with the interview and Kelly’s support of that decision has caused advertisers to pull out and incited light outrage. On Monday, J.P. Morgan Chase announced its decision to pull all advertising from NBC until after the interview airs on Sunday. Kelly has defended her decision to do so in a tweet, noting that even the White House gave Infowars a press credential and saying that as a journalist it is her job to “shine a light.”

In response to the backlash, Jones himself has also requested that NBC pull the interview for “misrepresenting” his take on the Sandy Hook shootings. If you have 41 minutes and a high tolerance for nonsense, you can watch his explanation below.


Despite this controversy, NBC has defended its decision to give airtime to a man who also believes that the 9/11 attacks were an “inside job.” Speaking to CNN on Monday, Liz Cole, the executive producer for Kelly’s show, defended the decision to give Jones airtime, saying “He is someone who is worthy of examination, by sitting down with him, there’s value in that.”

Update (11:31 a.m. EST): In a statement Kelly said she was “disappointed” about being dropped as host of the gala and doubled down on her intention to “shine a light.”


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Well what exactly is this interview? Is she going to make him look like a fucking idiot on TV, or she going to parrot all his points and nod along? If she actually challenges him and shows him to be full of shit, that might actually be interesting.

*EDIT* Okay so obviously yes I know that Alex Jones is a piece of shit, and his views are objectively hateful AND dangerous.


The whole “well don’t give him a platform” thing is not a good argument- he ALREADY has a platform, he’s been endorsed by the scumbag President of the United States. It’s not like people don’t know who Alex Jones is, it’s too late for “don’t normalize Infowars”. It’s been normalized already. Which is fucked. So, theoretically speaking, if this interview is an hour of Megyn Kelly roasting him and debunking his ideas and making him look like a fucking idiot on primetime TV, that would be a great thing.

Now I’m not necessarily saying that IS the case. Maybe Megyn Kelly (who until recently was one of the mouthpieces of Fox. Ugh) is just going to go along and give him soft questions, I don’t know.