2:30 PM

Have you spent the better part of your days gulping down at least eight glasses of water in hopes that ultra-hydration would transform bad skin into Halle Berry's perfect epidermis? Well, it turns out that the old wives' tale that a lot of water is great for your complexion is just that... a tale. Instead, doctors

12:20 PM

Here's a way to celebrate both Halloween and psychodermatologic disorders: Zit Popper candies, which can be "popped" to reveal a red candy ooze with a "wonderful" strawberry and watermelon flavor...the taste of teen hormones and awkwardness. [Random Good Stuff]

3:30 PM

Yo — all those old wives tales you heard about how to make pimples go away with simple household products? All bullshit. In brief: Don't pop them [Damn. -Ed.], put toothpaste on them, but Neosporin on them, or avoid eating fried foods. [Newsweek]