Some Nobody Pissed Away $558,000 and Is Now the Sophisticated Owner of World's Most Expensive Bottle of Wine 

Yesterday, a very rich and very important person let it be known to the world that it is now socially acceptable to taste the sweet flavor of a $10,000 sip of liquid, marinate for a few fleeting seconds in its expensive soupéon, swish it around on your tongue as it seeps into your bloodstream, pass it through your…

Dave Matthews's Crush or Drew Barrymore's Pinot: Which Celebrity Wine to Bring to Your Holiday Dinner

It’s the holidays, which means it’s the time of the year when many of us will be turning to the bottle—either to complement our Christmas dinners or make it through our hometown visits. So what celebrity wine (because why drink a pleb wine when you have the celebrity option?) should you turn to first?