A Chat With Liz Hannah, Screenwriter of The Post, on Bringing Katharine Graham Back to Life

The Post is the story of Katharine Graham, the first-ever woman publisher of a national American newspaper*, whose tenure happened to land during the release of the Pentagon Papers in 1971—when journalists were able to expose the lies the US government was feeding the public about the Vietnam War. Further, it’s a…

Another One Bites the Dust: Washington Post Bureau Chief Praises 'New' President Trump for Reading Teleprompter

I think we’re all used to TV pundits falling over themselves with praise for Donald Trump every time he manages to repeat the words on a teleprompter without slipping in an aside that will get us all nuked. Now alas, Trump’s nominal ability to read has seduced yet another impressionable victim: This time, it’s the

Questioning Trump's Insane Immigration Plan Doesn't Make Mexican-American Journalist an 'Activist'

After Jorge Ramos, Univision/Fusion anchor and one of the best journalists on television, was attacked by Donald Trump for doing his job, the Washington Post thought it prudent to run a story about how Ramos is becoming an “activist” because he cares about immigration reform, like so many other immigrants.