Aug 5 2013

This is your lucky summer: The New York Times will start featuring user-submitted Instagram photos in the "Vows" section. The first theme is "How wedding rituals are evolving" but please note that they'd like you to "avoid generic images, like a posed shot of the couple or a table setting."

Aug 28 2008

A pair of pen pals — Thelma Symonds, 85, and Chauncey Christofferson, 96, wed Tuesday at the Kimberley Hall nursing home in Windsor, Connecticut. The pair began their courtship "the old-fashioned way" by writing one another for seven months before ever meeting in person. Their correspondence began when Christofferson

Jun 16 2008

Um, so "Vows" this weekend…between the word "excruciating" and the surveying everyone on "how they knew"… and the fact that this guy couldn't even figure out how he felt about this woman after 17 months in Africa I think it is safe to say it was the most depressing thing ever. (Fine, "ever" in that section.) Is