Trump Voters Tell CNN They’re Sure ‘Millions of Illegals Voted’ Because They Saw It on Facebook

This morning CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota hosted a panel discussion with five Trump supporters, who calmly explained to her that evidence of voter fraud was everywhere “in the media” and could be found on Google or Facebook if she was willing to look. It’s a fascinating albeit sobering look at the thought processes…

Hey, This Is Bad: North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory Is Refusing to Concede An Election He Lost [Updated]

After trying—and failing—to disenfranchise black voters on election day with strict voter identification requirements, Republican North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is now refusing to concede to Democratic challenger Roy Cooper, who is ahead in the count by a small but significant (and growing) margin of 6,600 votes.…

GOP Councilman Shares 'Joke' Meme Telling Pennsylvanians They Can Vote For Hillary With a Hashtag 

Murrysville city councilman Joshua Lorenz, a Republican, recently posted a meme to his Facebook page that tells Hillary voters, “You can vote at home comfortably online!”, instructing them to “simply post ‘Hillary’ with the hashtag #PresidentialElection on your Facebook or Twitter account.” Yes, that’ll trick ‘em.