You'll Simply Love This Profile of the Calming 'Zen' Perfumer Whose Dad Massacred Protesters!

In high-end glossy magazines’ neverending quest to spotlight beautiful people and luxurious endeavors, occasionally they will focus on those whose wealth and beauty is perhaps ill-begotten—and in doing so, they will conveniently omit the unprettiest facts in an effort to project a certain proper well-heeled image.

This Vanity Fair Profile of David Foster Is Packed With Really Weird Anecdotes 

David Foster, award-winning composer/producer and Hollywood patriarch, never came off particularly well when he appeared on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which starred his now ex-wife Yolanda Hadid. He was portrayed on the show as sort of slimy and self-important; Yolanda fluttered around him, exerting a wild

Vanity Fair's 2017 Hollywood Cover Is Nothin' But Ladies For the Second Year In a Row

Vanity Fair’s annual “Hollywood” issue dropped Thursday, and features all ladies for the second year in a row! Can I get a “HELL YEAH”?! (HELL YEAH!!!) The cover, usually shot by Annie Leibovitz and usually featuring A-list actors at their most languid and well-dressed, draping themselves on walls, chairs, floors, or

You'll Never Guess How Trump Responded to a Negative Vanity Fair Review of His Steakhouse 

On Wednesday, Vanity Fair proclaimed in the headline of an extremely negative restaurant review that Trump Grill, the steakhouse in the lobby of Trump Tower, “Could Be the Worst Restaurant in America.” Author Tina Nguyen decried the restaurant’s “flaccid, gray Szechuan dumplings,” “French-ish paintings that look like