Anti-Vaccine Activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Says Trump Asked Him to Chair Commission on Vaccine Safety

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an activist who’s pushed the debunked theory that vaccines cause autism for a very long time, says Donald Trump has asked him to chair a commission on vaccine safety. This isn’t like asking the fox to guard the henhouse; it’s more like asking someone to redesign the henhouse after they’ve told…

Jill Stein Thinks There Are 'Real Questions' About Vaccine Safety, in Case You Were Voting Green

Jill Stein, the Green Party’s presidential candidate and also an actual medical doctor, doesn’t appear to be anti-vaccination. But she’s sort of anti-vaxxer adjacent, giving a series of mealy statements to the Washington Post and in a Reddit AMA about whether vaccines are safe. Jill: you don’t have to do this!

Distributors of Anti-Vax Film Are Trying to Keep an Autistic Rights Advocate From Criticizing It

The distributors of the anti-vaccination film Vaxxed have sent a cease-and-desist letter to an Irish advocate for autistic people who’s been speaking out against the movie. According to a letter they sent her, Cinema Libre Studios is trying to prevent Fiona O’Leary from “making any statement to any person” regarding…