Why Can't the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Let Erika Jayne Go Commando in Peace?

As a new cast member of a Real Housewives franchise, it’s important to make an immediate mark. Shannon did it on Orange County, Dorinda did it on New York, and Kenya—for better or worse—did it on Atlanta. But not everyone—even those who are nightmares themselves—are meant for this nightmare game.

A Celebration of the Beautiful, Lightly Deranged PR Emails We Get From Period Undie-Makers Thinx 

The concept behind Thinx underwear, as I understand it, is simple: they’re absorbent and you can bleed right into them. It’s like a very sexy, menstruation-oriented set of Depends. That shouldn’t be a recipe for success, but they seem to be doing fine, in large part because the public relations and branding around…