Let Tiffany Haddish Inspire You With the Story of How She Hit on Leonardo DiCaprio

Tiffany Haddish is a truthsayer of the modern era: She’ll name names (for the most part), she’ll tell it like it is, and perhaps because she remains so lovable and charming, she’s not worried about how it lands. In short, she’s not afraid to put it all out there—not even when she’s on the cover of The Hollywood

On SNL, Tracy Morgan Recreates 30 Rock and Larry David Does a Perfect Bernie Sanders Impression

When Tracy Morgan stepped out a stage to host last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, he knew viewers would have questions. Critically injured in a car accident nearly 16 months ago, the SNL appearance was a kind of announcement that he was ready to return to work. “People were wondering: Can he speak? Does he…