Tony Bennett ‚ÄėMet‚Äô His Wife While She Was Inside Her Mother‚Äôs Uterus

Meet-cutes‚ÄĒthose serendipitous moments when two lead characters first run into each other‚ÄĒhave been a staple of romantic comedies since Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert were forced to sit together on a bus in It Happened One Night. But if the love story of Tony Bennett and his wife Susan Benedetto ever made it to‚Ķ

Justin Bieber Kicks Off Future Career as Bar Band Leader with Cover of 'Hotline Bling'

Easy listening power duo Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have been showing up a lot on the television as of late, duetting ‚ÄúBaby It‚Äôs Cold Outside‚ÄĚ in a commercial for Barnes & Noble. They sound terrific together, as anyone who listened to last year‚Äôs Cheek to Cheek knows, and to be quite honest it will be a shame if Gaga‚Ķ