The Wonder Years's Alley Mills Claims That the Show Was Cancelled Due to a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Fred Savage and Jason Hervey

Alley Mills, who played the mom in The Wonder Years, tells Yahoo that the show was cancelled due to a sexual harassment lawsuit against her TV children Fred Savage and Jason Hervey. The Los Angeles Times and Variety did report on the suit in 1993, the year the show was cancelled, though unclear whether it’s the reason…

Finally It Has Happened to Me: Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Have Gone Public With Their Love

After four (4) years of passionately believing in Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes’ love as though Tinkerbell’s life depended on it all because of a single, super blurry photo of them holding hands in a recording studio, I have finally been validated: sharply focused photos of the two engaging in PDA are here!!!

The National Enquirer Reportedly Claims That Calling Someone Transgender Isn't an Insult, in the Most Insulting Way Ever

Thanks to the National Enquirer, the courts will now rule on whether calling someone transgender is defamatory, according to TMZ. In a crazy twist in Richard Simmons’ lawsuit, new filings allegedly state that claiming someone is undergoing gender reassignment surgery isn’t an insult–for example, claiming that he’s…