The Internet Made a Sweet Crush Song and, Uh, Weezer Covered Toto's 'Africa'

Yes, yes: The Internet, “Come Over”: Do you see that butterfly calmly flittering in the sky? That’s the vision and feeling I get listening to this Internet record (partly because it does contain the word “butterflies”), which reminds me of the type of the songs I’d cue up as a loveless teen while daydreaming about a…

A Nightmare Ed Sheeran Video, a Dopamine-Spiking House Track, and SZA Goes Full Martial Arts

Sure: SZA feat. Kendrick Lamar, “Doves in the Wind” — SZA rides a horse with style, Kendrick Lamar levitates, and his alter ego Kung Fu Kenny plays the master teacher in SZA’s narrative sendup of classic martial arts films, complete with chin-stroking tropes and ninja imagery that’s dramatically cliché in parts. -