Reminder: Be Careful What You Say When Someone Else Is Holding Your Receipts 

If you love receipts—in the Whitney Houston “I wanna see the receipts”-for-my-alleged-$730,000 drug bill sense of the word (which others just call “proof”)—well, has Page Six got a story for you. Last week, Married to the Mob clothing line boss Leah McSweeney called SNL’s Michael Che “so arrogant and so rude and…

In Case Today Hasn't Been Horrifying Enough, Here Are More Details on the Upcoming Emoji Movie 

A reminder to anyone who wasn’t already feeling sick with fear at the prospect of our society’s swift and inevitable decline: there is going to be a movie about emojis, it is called—wait for it—Emojimovie: Express Yourself, and it is coming out next August. Maybe we’ll all be dead by then.