Tampax has announced that it will launch a group called the "MonthlyGiftClub" (as in a menstrual period is a "monthly gift") for the tween social networking community Stardoll. For those of you over the age of, oh, 13, Stardoll is basically just a really watered-down version of Second Life, where girls can create

Girls in sub-Saharan Africa miss as many as four days of school each month because they don't have the necessary supplies to staunch their period blood. As a result, Always and Tampax are launching an awareness-building and fundraising program in the U.S. and Canada to help the situation. Um, did Always and Tampax

The French are always comparatively so much more progressive about sex and nudity and all the sort of stuff that Americans are all prudish about, so it's not surprising that this French print ad for Tampax is so in-your-face about the fact that vaginas actually, you know, bleed. Where as in the U.S., our tampon