Sep 10 2008
Sexual Heeling

Look, no one wears 4" heels cause she thinks they are good for her health! We know heels fuck with knees and backs

Jan 16 2008

English high-end retailer Harvey Nicks is doing, uh, absolutely nothing to reverse gender stereotypes. Their latest advert (as they call it on that side of the pond) features a graph that makes a connection between the height of a woman's heels and the attractiveness of the sort of man she can land. Let us say from

Jan 7 2008

Raise your hand if you think that high heels are good for your feet. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? That's what we thought. But thankfully, now we know exactly how we're fucking up our bodies, thanks to this handy-dandy chart, which carefully documents each and every part of the body radically impaired by towering heels. To