Politicians To Skip Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade After LGBTQ Vets Group Excluded

OUTVETS is a group of New England-based LGBTQ veterans who have been around since 2014. They’ve marched in both of the last two South Boston St. Patrick’s Day parades, and expected to do so again this year. However, the organizers of the parade, the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council, apparently booted them from…

Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister Skipped St. Paddy’s Day Visit to Savannah Because He Didn’t Want to Attend an All-Bro Dinner

A top Irish official from Ireland (for-real Ireland and not, like, Boston) took an opportunity on his St. Patrick's weekend visit to America's Irish diaspora to chastise the venerable sexists in Savannah, Georgia for hosting their all-cock St. Paddy's dinner, no broads allowed since the 19th century.