Soft Pants, a Jade Pendant, and An Excellent Night Market Fucci Sweatshirt from Taipei

I left for Taiwan with one top-heavy rolling suitcase and a floppy duffel bag filled with a jean jacket and a pair of shoes I didn’t end up wearing. I returned ten days later with the aforementioned bags stuffed to the gills and a giant Doreamon tote bag that was so heavy I could not lift it comfortably by myself.

Cat-Themed Treats From Tokyo and Shanghai, Plus a MĂ©lange of Wintry Accessories

I’ve shopped very little this year, which helped me justify participating in a glut of passive consumerism for the entire month of November. I also spent half the month in the technicolor shopping meccas of Tokyo and Shanghai—two cities that are basically designed to encourage people to drop money.

Long Fluffy Sweaters, Affordable Linen Bedding, and the Perfect Goth Lip for Fall

Like the leaves falling dead from the trees, I’ve used the advent of fall both to die a little more on the inside and, more relevantly, shed some of my material possessions. This is not so much a Marie Kondo-esque attempt to simplify my life as much as a chance to get rid of all the garbage I’ve been hanging onto and…

Chinese Mall Installs 'Husband Pods' for Husbands Too Lazy to Accompany Their Wives for 1 Freaking Afternoon!!!

Is your husband the kind of person who’s nervous about running into his bros while accompanying you to buy a refill of feather hair extensions at Claire’s? Does he hold up padded bras and do a stupid dance while at Victoria’s Secret as a little clown to distract from his half-chub? Is his favorite show King of Queens …

Shit I Bought: Blush Oil, Summer Clogs, and Three Pretty Red Dresses

I hate shopping right now because I just don’t understand where people buy clothes. I’ve been trying (emphasis on trying) to wean myself off of fast fashion the past year or so because it’s icky and I was tired of trying deceptively cute things on only to find out how insanely poorly made they are (surprise!!!).

Shit I Bought: the Cutest Swimsuit, a RHOC Sweatshirt, and the Flamingo Shirt of My Dreams

I’m currently in the midst of a style crisis: I think I have a sense of style (and stylish people confirm that I do), but I constantly struggle to match what I’m looking for (like, say, a one-piece that doesn’t make me look like a chunky baby) with what’s available (a sea of one-pieces that make me look like a chunky…

Shit I Bought: Metallic Lipgloss, Rihanna Sneakers & Denim Shorts That Fit

April turned out to be a rather flush month for me. I received not one but two influxes of cash outside my normal paycheck and what did I do with that excess? I bought a bunch of shit. Not to get all “self-care in the age of Trump” on you, but in general, I find retail therapy to be an effective mechanism for me. I…