Mira Sorvino on Braving Harassment: 'I Didnā€™t Think I Was Important Enough to Make a Big Deal Over'

Mira Sorvino made rounds on Wednesday talk shows ostensibly to promote her new show Condor. But interviews on the Today show and The View kicked off with her reaction to the arrest and arraignment of former Miramax boss Harvey Weinstein, whom Sorvino has accused of sexually harassing her in the ā€˜90s. She told Todayā€™sā€¦

Shock Jock Star Said He Wanted to Jerk Off onĀ Nadeska Alexis; a Month Later He Was Hired as Her Co-Host

The decades-long career of radio host/media commentator Troi Torain, better known by his on-air moniker Star, has been littered with the kind of reckless talk and ensuing controversies that seemed crafted to earn him the unofficial title of shock jock. Most notable were those that got him into professional trouble.

In Wake of Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Artists, the National Gallery Cancels 2 ExhibitionsĀ 

The National Gallery of Art has canceled two upcoming exhibitions in the wake of sexual harassment and assault allegations leveled against the artists. The museum was slated to open a solo exhibition on Chuck Close in mid-May and another solo exhibition dedicated to the work of photographer Thomas Roma in September.

Beyond Weinstein: The Fraught History of the 'Casting Couch' and Hollywood Sexual Harassment

As sexual harassment and assault accusations mount against Harvey Weinsten, the old trope of the casting couchā€”a tidy way of referring to female actors sleeping with powerful producers to get better rolesā€”has been once again brought into focus. But is the phrase itself merely a cute rephrasing of the abuse womenā€¦