Send Us Your School Papers About Jezebel, the Website You Are Currently Reading

It has come to my attention, though frankly, I should have realized it earlier, that there’s probably plenty of high-quality literature out there from burgeoning feminists who’ve taken a Women’s Studies 101: Here’s the Difference Between You, a Man, Calling Me a Cunt and Me Calling Myself One class, on this website…

Root For England (Except for Tom Hiddleston) in the Olympics If You Like Winning, Dummies!!!

England as is in 2016, post-Brexit vote but pre-actual Brexit, is a wild time. Its government is a total shitshow (though feckless rogue figures like Boris Johnson make Americans feel a little less alone in the Trump plight). It’s this spirit of uncertainty and chaos that fosters adrenaline and a fuck-all attitude in…

This Week In Tabloids: Tell Me What Your Dream Tabloid Cover Story Is, and I'll Tell You Mine

Welcome to Midweek Madness, where we don’t go to our original magazine store, our recently shuttered backup magazine store, or the second backup magazine store that’s close to the office but only has the tabloids 30 percent of the time, and instead try something a little different because it’s Senior Week.