Sam Bee Returns With A Blistering, Gleeful Take on Donald Trump Russia, 'Golden Showers' Allegations

Sam Bee returned to the Full Frontal stage for her first show in 2017, which just happened to coincide with the recent allegations of Donald Trump’s shady dealings in Russia and alleged urine fixation. Lucky for her and even luckier for us, she also had his disastrous press conference as rich, bountiful material.

Samantha Bee Reminds Us How Hillary Rodham Became Mrs. Bill Clinton 

“This is supposed to be our moment,” says Sam Bee, adding that none of us have been able to savor the experience of voting for our first woman president in all the “mortal terror” of a potential Trump presidency. She also suggests that we’ve felt reluctance because Clinton comes across as a “fake politician robot.”

Samantha Bee Warns That Roger Ailes Might Coach Donald Trump Into Winning the Debate

Roger Ailes was driven away from Fox News after Gretchen Carlson came forward with accusations of sexual harassment. Those accusations quickly snowballed, as more and more women had horrible stories about Ailes, some with details we will never forget. But now, he’s loose in the world and it looks like he’s gravitated