Katy Perry Says 'Swish Swish' Is an Anti-Bullying Anthem, Ruby Rose Suggests Katy Is the Real Bully

Last week we discussed Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj’s new song “Swish Swish” and how it’s probably about their feuds with Taylor Swift and Remy Ma, respectively. We also discussed how Swift’s Very Close Friend Ruby Rose thought it was “low” of Perry to release a diss track despite her claims to be into more “purposeful…

It’s Official: Gwen Stefani Caught the Bouquet at a Blake Shelton’s Hairdresser’s Wedding

At the wedding of Amanda Craig (Blake Shelton’s hairdresser) and Joel Borski (the director of merchandise at Warner Music Nashville), something magical happened: Gwen Stefani caught the bouquet. Or, more specifically, she “picked it up” after it “hit Blake in the head and fell on the floor.”